The Pursuit of Excellence in Dentistry Through Integrity.


Whittier dentist with friendly staff

Our Friendly Staff

Each of us here are deeply committed to give every one of our patients the best care possible. As our mission statement states, we consider the pursuit of excellence in dentistry through integrity an utmost priority.  This begins with Dr. Miya, but each member of our staff uses this as the basis for how they perform their responsibilities.

Family Atmosphere

We understand that going to the dentist can be a stressful situation, so we make every attempt to create a relaxed environment.  We want you to feel welcome and comfortable from the time you enter the front door and all the way through your visit with Dr. Miya.  We truly care about each of our patients and we strive to create a family-like atmosphere in our office.

Excellent Care

While it is important that we make our patients feel comfortable, we know that people come to our office for dental care.  Our dental team is committed to providing the best dental care possible through using the best equipment and best dental materials available.  We understand that we are in a field that is ever-changing and new advances are constantly arising.  That is why we are committed to a vigorous continuing education program that allows us to remain up to date on the latest technological advances in dentistry and provide better ways to serve out patients.

We always take into account what we feel is best for your long term dental health when we make decisions on your treatment.  This does not always mean more dental work (one of Dr. Miya’s favorite sayings is, “sometimes the best dentistry is no dentistry!”).

Follow Through

Integrity is and always will be the driving force behind all we do here.  That is why we are so intentional about reminding each of our patients about their ‘appointment’ which is time that is exclusively reserved for them. We also want our patients to know that Dr. Miya is just a phone call away, so if you have a dental emergency, the office can be contacted anytime and a message can be left or emergency contact information can be obtained.

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